• Supports viewing most common file formats including Microsoft Office formats (.doc .xlsx, .ppt), OpenOffice, PDF, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, RTF and DICOM images


  • Single tap action to Download or View remote files
  • "Open with.." for remote files, no need to download files to local storage first
  • Select and download multiple files
  • Download whole folders


  • Stream video and music files straight from the server (Apache, IIS,ReadyNAS, my custom PyWebDAV and others that support partial requests. Self-signed certificates not supported. IIS is restricted to Basic Authentication when streaming)
  • AirPlay support for streaming local media to supported devices
  • Stream video content to Google Chromecast


  • Browse local storage through web browser without a WebDAV client
  • Ability to view certain files without downloading them first
  • Image slideshow of the image files in your remote folder
  • Display EXIF data when viewing images
  • Bookmarks
  • TV Out mirror (iOS only feature)
  • PDF bookmarks and AirPrint
  • Improved remote folder navigation with ribbon navigation tool
  • Open password protected PDF files in local storage
  • Playlist support, including playing audio in background
  • Bookmarks for local folders
  • M3U playlist editor (iOS only feature)
  • Support for popular RAW camera image formats
  • Built-in ePub reader (non DRM)
  • Built-in ODT (OpenDocument) reader
  • Built-in viewer for DICOM medical images (iOS only feature)
  • Wake-on-LAN


  • Mount local storage as a network drive on OSX, Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7 (read -only)


  • Move files between local stores
  • Move files between remote folders on servers that support it
  • Move local files between subfolders in local storage
  • Move remote folders on servers that support it


  • Built in text editor, edit text files like .txt, .html, .css, .js, .rb or .p
  • Copy images to clipboard and paste into existing email trails


  • Folder synchronise, Full, Subscribe, Contribute. Requires "infinite depth" query support on your server.
  • Synchronise local files with server copies (One way only, re-download all linked files in local storage)


  • Audio recording and upload, option to record audio in WAV or AAC.
  • Select and upload multiple photos
  • Upload text files in text editor
  • Upload whole folders from local storage
  • Upload multiple images with EXIF data
  • Improved naming of media filenames when uploading multiple items, includes prefix


  • Share local storage area between servers
  • Exchange files between devices using Bluetooth
  • Share your files with other WebDAV Nav users by using the built-in WebDAV server    


  • Import photos from Albums
  • Import photos into the Photos app
  • Import videos into the Photos app


  • Create sub folders in local storage


  • Select default audio recording format
  • Select multiple files for email attachments
  • Select multiple files in local storage for upload


  • PIN code protection (including when plugged into iTunes)
  • Authentication popup if username and password are not saved
  • Bonjour integration to find WebDAV servers on the local network
  • Client side certificates
  • UnRAR compressed archives
  • Toggle acceptance of self signed certificates
  • Ability to turn off the session based authentication


  • Zip local folders
  • Unzip local zip files into folders


  • Switch between folder and file index search modes


  • Accessible through VoiceOver for visually impaired users (iOS only feature)


  • Purge files on app move to background
  • Option to automatically logout when going to background
  • built-in WebDAV Server, attach to the local storage from your computer or another WebDAV Nav client
  • Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, Korean, Indonesian