Schimera also has a variety of its own products and applications for sale and free to download from app stores. The items listed below are applications we've worked on.



Cloaked can help anonymise screenshots and photos when sharing potentially sensitive information.  Examples include early childhood centres or schools where faces of children may need to be blurred in social media posts, or perhaps sharing screenshots or forms that include private data.



Jump start your transition to Tailwind CSS.

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WebDAV Nav Icon

WebDAV Navigator

WebDAV Nav allows you to download, store and edit your files.  The app allows users of local servers or Network Attached Storage to have better control over files. Available in the iOS App Store and Google Play App Store. 

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Click Counter

Free iOS and Android application which is a basic tally counter for keeping track when counting. You can also plot results on a graph. Available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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WebDav Nav server

WebDAV Nav Server

WebDAVNav Server is a free basic WebDAV server which can be used to quickly share files and folders from your Mac with other computers, mobile devices and apps, including WebDAV Navigator. Available in the Mac App Store.


Talking Clock

Talking Clock

Free iOS application. Shake device to tell the current time and type any words to repeat. Available in the iOS app store.


BNE Street Food

Brisbane Street Food

BNE Street Food app allows you to quickly and easily locate your nearest food truck in real time and show you how to get there. You can also search for your favourite truck by cuisine, find out about future food truck times and locations and view profiles of each vendor. From buffalo wings to tacos, wood-fired pizza to gourmet sliders, the app is your number one guide to food trucks in Brisbane.

 The app also includes a section for popular food and farmers markets in the area. See their location, upcoming schedule and find directions on how to get there. 

Limited to the wider Brisbane area, using data from Brisbane Food Trucks api provided by Brisbane City Council.

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Weather Monitor

Weather Monitor - Oregon Scientific Weather@Home Alternative

The Weather Monitor app allows you to connect to a compatible Weather@Home weather station and download current weather conditions as well history for the last 7 days if available. 

Arduino compatible image converter for macOS

ImageConvert565 converts PNG, JPG and other supported image formats in C header files compatible with TFT libraries for Arduino displays. 

Data Collector

Data Collector

The Data Capture app helps you record trial data with support for indoor, outdoor and field trial assessments.