MVP and Rapid prototype development

We specialise in working with small and medium sized companies to create Minimum Viable Products and prototypes. 


Mobile applications (iOS and Android Development)

Schimera has worked with local and international clients to develop award-winning mobile applications downloaded by millions of people.


Web development

Utilising a variety of languages including, Python/Django, PHP, CSS, JS and Tailwind CSS, we are broadly experienced in web development.


Embedded devices and gadgets

We have developed a diverse range of embedded and industrial applications for devices and gadgets including mobile barcode and RFID scanning devices, fixed RFID scanning devices and biometric time-punch devices.


Desktop applications

Experienced in creating native applications for OSX, Windows and Linux, we can develop desktop applications for your business using a variety of languages.


System administration

Looking for advice or ongoing management of your system administration? Schimera can help...


GIS technologies

We build custom-mapping servers and applications utilising some of the best open source software available.


Offline vector MapBox map packs

The ability to show maps and custom overlays even without internet access is crucial to some applications.