'Great app with great support. Everything I need for working with my files.'

'Great! Works as advertised, responsive and competent support.'

'WebDAV Fantastic. I have tried many other apps to connect with my Lion server but this is far and away the best. I am so glad I paid for this app and it is worth every cent!!'

'Incredible and awesome support. This is quite staggering. I have a huge concern on how much data goes backwards and forwards to web services outside user control. With this app users can share data on network and iPads. If you are a school user this is one app you should very, very carefully consider.'

'An iPad Essential. This is an essential app, manages all your cloud accounts from one place. Allows simple copy and paste from local to cloud stores. Just works...'

'Works great! Sleek and stable. Works great on iphone5.'

'Awesome! Works great with OwnCloud server.'

'A very nice DAV interface. I love this app.'

'Does what I need and more. Ability to rename files and folders is more than I expected. And the ability to browse files and folders on my OS X server when I am remote works really well.  Definitely a good-value app.'

'Very convenient and functional. I use it at the office as a method to quickly transfer larger files from our network to my mobile devices.'

'Ahead of its time...'

All comments have been sourced from the iTunes app store.