Available for companies, schools and universities a white label version of WebDAV Navigator will give you a branded version of the app with your own logos, application name, icons and colour scheme.

Discounts are available if multiple apps/platforms are purchased simultaneously and there is no ongoing license fee or per download fee. You are free to distribute the apps as you like.

The standard WebDAV Nav white label is a custom application based on WebDAV Nav (paid version) available in the stores, features include:

  • Your own icons and images, including the about and “splash” screens. I supply the existing images in the correct dimensions and you can replace the ones you want.
  • Your own application name
  • Links to your own websites in the “about” screens
  • Signing with your own developer accounts, including ad hoc distribution without going through the App Store if required for iOS. Ad hoc distribution may be limited to a hard coded list of devices (usually less than 100) depending on your developer program membership. The Android version can be distributed either through one of the markets, from your website or through email The Blackberry version can be distributed either through the Blackberry market or your own website. iOS is limited to distribution through the App Store or through the ad hoc mechanism supported by Apple
  • Removal or restriction of existing features
  • Connection restrictions to limit connections to certain domains or server types. Including customisation of the add and edit server pages for adding server connections if there are particular restrictions on username format etc. Restrictions are added to prevent competition with WebDAV Nav available for sale in the stores. Restrictions can include limiting by acceptable domains or specific headers in the response.
  • Language file customisation and/or removal of existing languages and the addition of any new languages (languages read left to right only at the moment)
  • There are currently white label versions for iOS, Android, Blackberry (5,6,7 and Android port for OS 10) and Windows Phone 7/8