Experienced in creating native applications for OSX, Windows and Linux, we can develop desktop applications for your business using a variety of languages.

Need a customised desktop application for your organisation? 

Schimera will work with you from start to end to develop a functional application to suit your needs, whether the application is for a stand alone device or is required to work across a networked environment.

We will design and develop an application, assist with testing and debugging and provide advice for an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure your application remains current and relevant to your organisation's requirements. 

We are experienced in using a variety of languages for desktop applications. Including:

Standard practices

All projects are maintained in a source code version control system, usually GIT.

Source code snapshots can be provided at regular intervals or milestones, including instructions on how to recompile and distribute new versions.

Python is our scripting language of choice. We have written network servers, neural networks, image manipulation and 3D image generation tools.