We build custom-mapping servers and applications utilising some of the best open source software available.


Schimera is experienced in GPS tracking software, interactive maps and spatial data processing. 

We can also guide you on selecting the best stack for your requirements, including any custom development to extend any component within the stack.


With a range of low cost GPS units now available on the market, it has become increasingly easier to manage and track fleets using real-time tracking or journey-based reporting.

Entry level systems use basic SMS protocols to communicate location information periodically or when polled, where as higher end devices use GPRS and are permanently connected and provide real-time location information.


Interactive mapping applications are becoming more common place with the advent of Google Maps and Microsoft Live Maps. Many people now own portable navigation devices and have experience plotting their own routes using freely available tools on the internet. 

Users are no longer impressed by simply plotting points on a map, they expect to be able to interact with their spatial information and share it across other websites, applications and devices.


Spatial data has a tendency to expand in size extremely rapidly. Processing terabyte-sized spatial databases can be time consuming and can often result in hard to interpret data. To add value to complex data analysis, it is possible to present large datasets in an easy to comprehend visual format showing trends.


We have extensive experience creating offline vector and raster mapping data for drawing maps in areas where internet may be intermittent or not available at all