We have developed a diverse range of embedded and industrial applications for devices and gadgets including mobile barcode and RFID scanning devices, fixed RFID scanning devices and biometric time-punch devices.

Schimera is also experienced in developing for Raspberry Pi and Arduino devices.

Our work

Schimera has worked with an agri-business to develop a customised application for the Schlage HandPunch GT-400 - a hand scanner device. 

With this application employees place their hand on the scanner to clock-in to their shift, and at the end of their shift they can clock-out and describe the tasks they have completed during their shift. This application allows business owners to accurately record the movements of a large workforce throughout the day, and be alerted should any employees not clock-out after their shift.

Open Source

Schimera has developed software for a number of devices including Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the ESP8266 WiFi Module, which are free and available to download now.

Raspberry Pi


ESP8222 WiFi Module